Adopt & Access

Cloud & Virtualization

Discover how opportunities are being addressed by the new portfolio management review process.

Extract Efficiently

Big Data & Business Intelligence

Learn from agencies that are finding ways to acquire the modern work tools spawned by big data analytics.

Reduce Risk. Optimize Resources.


Navigate the risks of reduced budgets and archaic technology during times of growing cyber threats.

Mobile Meets Government

Mobile Government

Obtain the latest on programs and valuable ideas for achieving the objectives of the Open Government Directive.

Meet Market Demands

Records & Information Management

Comply with NARA policies, get lessons learned and avoid unexpected mines and traps.

Thank you for attending the 2013 Government IT Forum!

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About the 2014 Event

Building on the past 12 years of leading government events, all critical disciplines that underpin our community have been compiled into 5 co-located events making up the Government IT Forum.

Each event focuses on a major technology trend: cloud, cybersecurity, mobilebig data & business intelligence and records & information management.

The Government IT Forum is FREE of charge to government employees.

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White Papers:


  • Securely Sharing Information Across Government Agencies

    Organizations—especially Federal agencies—have the need to share information both internally and externally - with other agencies, state and local governments, private sector, as well as individuals. Because this shared information is very often sensitive, privileged, private and classified, how do you protect from unauthorized sharing and misuse of this information without stifling organizations’ ability to do their job? Register Now

  • Government Big Data Projects: Making the Impossible Possible

    With budget volatility likely to plague agencies for years to come, Federal agencies are investigating new and creative ways to limit spending while still investing in how to successfully analyze big data. Agency developers are tasked with creating impossible applications with complicated requirements that are expected to deliver immediate results. Register Now

  • Refactoring to API Management with Apache Technology